Anny Follesøy
Bergen, Norway

Ymt magazine vol. 2
Type: Editorial design Design by: Bachelor class of 2021
Year: 2019
Ymt is a magazine created in an Editorial design course with second year BA students of Visual communication, who work with content from academic staff at KMD, and MA alumni. Ymt is a magazine designed and published by Bachelor Students, who each year works on developing a new visual identity and a new edition of the magazine, both printed and digital.

In this case, a Release party was to be arranged as well as promotion for the event where this was my main responsibility as Promotion Manager. In addition to this, I was responsible for the layout of a selected article in the magazine. I only needed to read one word from the article to understand that this was the one I wanted to work with, the specific word was "portal" - in Gustav Kvaal and Torkell Bernsen's article: "Inside the narrative". Through the process, I came to the conclusion that the article (which did not contain any specific image or illustration) needed something more visual. A picture I had taken late summer came to fit perfectly for this article. The window, with a view of the fjord and the mountains, communicated to me a portal into another landscape, possibly the wearing of VR glasses and diving into a new world.

Ymt Release party 2020
Type: Promotion and branding
Design by: Anny Follesøy, Matilda Strandberg
Year: 2019
Ymt literally translates as a hint and to hint at. The word´s origin is ´ymta´ which in Old Norse meant to talk about, and in modern Norwegian can mean to speak out in order to solve.

Through the process of Ymt magazine's new identity, I tried to put into words the topics we wanted to promote and what we wanted to achieve with the new identity. "A hint is revealing just to bit of information". This was the first sentence that made my thoughts swing and it became natural to connect our magazine to the fact that we are a school that focuses on being in movement. We pass on the dialogue. Our concept for this edition of the magazine became to communicate direction through the use of seethrough paper and a hint towards something -å ymte.

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