Anny Follesøy
Bergen, Norway

Kjøp Fantasi
Type: Risoprinted Zigzag Zine
Design by: Anny Follesøy
Year: 2020
This is a book about how it might have been if we had to buy fantasy, and what it might cost us.
It's a book created to explore and develop your imagination. The book is more like an abstract, creative thing, which hopefully makes the reader think, dream away and form their own thoughts on what the objects are. I tried to make them as difficult as possible to understand what is actually depicted, with the intention of making people find out for themselves what the objects might be. The book is formed by a simple text exercise, where you receive an excerpt of different words, which must be put together to give some kind of meaning. Then a Leporello book should be created in this format based on these words, where each page had to contain something visual in combination with text.

I have worked with textures and patterns in nature and food, because this is where I tend to dream away and develop my creativity. Because something that looks like a branch to others might as well look like a troll in my eyes.

I do not want to explain where the different objects come from, but rather chose to put the sign of price (, -) underneath the object, as it’s often seen in stores, along with a selected word. The words I have chosen for the objects are words I think you’d had to pay for to achieve creativity. It might demand:
to GIVE ,-
to BE ,-
to have HOPE ,-
and sometimes it
might even feel like
to achieve creativity.

©2023 Anny Follesøy