Anny Follesøy
Bergen, Norway

Hush notifications
Type: App design concept
Designed by: Anny Follesøy, Matilda Strandberg
Year: 2019
This is a concept for an app created in two days in an interactiondesign course at the University of Bergen, KMD. The aim of this project was to design an app created for people struggling with anxiety that will make the day easier, calmer and more positive for the user.

As a part of the process, we examined apps that already existed and tried to bring out strengths and weaknesses. This is where we figured out how we didn't want our app to work. We found the existing apps being very stressful and demanding, and also focusing mostly on what was wrong with the day instead of bringing positive energy throughout it. We focused mostly on making the notifications themselves less stressful and more comforting, and the white semicolon is a sign that symbolizes anxiety.

This project is still in the initial phase, and would be nice to continue working on it even further.

Wireframe and function
We came up with a solution where the notification quietly appeared like a soft dot in the corner of the phone. If you need it, you can easily swipe it forward, and calm colors fill your screen, followed by pleasant sounds such as waves or wind. You can also easily swipe it away if it doesn't fit. And if you don't touch it, it disappears over time.

It will ask you questions about how you feel and give you opportunities to do something nice for yourself. It focuses on self love and the positive things that is happening in the the world and gives you good news instead of focusing on everything that goes wrong.

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