Anny Follesøy
Bergen, Norway

Hush notifications
Type: App 
Designed by: Anny Follesøy, Matilda Strandberg
Year: 2019
This concept introduces an app developed during a two-day interaction design course at the University of Bergen, KMD.

The project's objective was designing an app to assist those contending with anxiety, enhancing their day with ease, calmness, and positivity. During the process, we analyzed existing apps to uncover their strengths and weaknesses, which guided us in defining what we didn't want our app to emulate.

Unlike existing apps that often induced stress and dwelled on daily negatives, we concentrated on creating notifications that were less stressful and more comforting. The white semicolon serves as a symbol for anxiety. This project remains in its initial phase, and the prospect of further development is compelling.

Wireframe and function
We devised a subtle notification solution: a gentle dot appearing in the phone's corner. Swipe to reveal calming colors, accompanied by soothing sounds like waves or wind. Swipe away if unwanted, or it fades away naturally. It poses queries about your mood and suggests self-care actions, emphasizing self-love, positivity, and uplifting news, steering clear of dwelling on negatives.

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