Anny Follesøy
Bergen, Norway

Type: Risoprinted posters
Design by: Anny Follesøy
Year: 2020
Posters based on previous experimentation on eatable biomaterials made by food, and for food.

In this course I experimented with materiality combined with typography. I worked with the abstract and aesthetic in the material. This, combined with typography to better communicate the subject. I tried to minimize the amount of text, and compress it to only the most necessary to see if this could help make the motif even stronger. I worked with gradient, blur and grain effects to bring out a depth and materiality in the posters.

This is by now the start of a small poster collection based on eatable bioplastic tests I have previously done. Hopefully a way of making people curious about the topic of material experimentation and eatable packaging, and start a spark of curiosity.

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